He started racing back in 2014 and in four quick years he’s already grown into a major contender for the 2019 Australian U21 500cc Speedway Championship! Fraser Bowes from Adelaide, South Australia, sat down with Motorcycling Australia to discuss his love for his family, his heroes that inspire him everyday and what he simply can’t live without!


Fraser Bowes





Bike Colours:

Black, blue and yellow


Main sponsor is my dad!


Adelaide, South Australia

Summary of family history in the sport?

Grandpa was a Number 1 Sidecar racer in Australia and my dad came eigth in the World Solo U21 Speedway title!

Home track in Australia?

Gillman Speedway, South Australia

How many years riding?

Started back in 2014, so been racing now for four years!

Career highlights?

Western Australian Speedway Champion


Dad and Grandpa

What is your current training process?

I try and ride as much as I can, plus I head to the gym at least twice a week

If you weren’t racing, what would you be doing?

Probably working!

What can’t you live without?

My phone!


Riding my bike, Playstation4, going to the beach and hanging out with mates



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