FIM Oceania are pleased to announce the draw for the 2019 FIM Oceania Speedway Championship to be held on November 23 at Gillman Speedway, South Australia.

Gillman Speedway in metropolitan Adelaide, is one of Australia’s best speedway tracks and has previously held the FIM Oceania Speedway Sidecar Championships, however this time solo speedway riders will be the stars under the FIM Oceania banner.

The sensational field of riders selected includes Australian’s solo stars, Rohan Tungate, Justin Sedgmen, Jack Holder and Jaimon Lidsey who will be lined up against Internationals Charles Wright (UK), Tom Brennan (UK), Dan Bewley (UK), Emil Grandal (Denmark) and Szmon Szlauderbach (Poland).

FIM Oceania Vice President Peter Doyle said he couldn’t more be excited about the 2019 FIM Oceania Speedway Championship with the event fitting in well with FIM Oceania’s mission to develop the sport of motorcycling within the region.

The FIM Oceania Speedway Championship will see some of the Oceania region’s best Speedway riders battling it out at Gillman with no brakes, gears or fear, Saturday 23rd January is anticipated to be an absolute scorcher!



Dan Bewley
Tom Brennan
Ben Cook
Matthew Gillmore
Emil Grandal
Jack Holder
Zane Keleher
Jaimon Lidsey
Jedd List

Brayden McGuiness
Robert Medson
Justin Sedgmen
Jordan Stewart
Szmon Szlauderbach
Rohan Tungate
Charles Wright

R1 Kyle Bickley

R2 Ben Ernst

R3 Fraser Bowes

FIM Oceania Speedway Championship
Date: 23rd November 2019
Venue: Gillman Speedway, South Australia

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