Held at Ipswich Switches Junior Speedway Club in Willowbank, Queensland from 17-19 January 2019, the Australian Speedway Under 16’s 125cc Solo and Teams Championship is locked in to set fans’ hearts alight as competitors blaze around the circuit!

Making up the line-up of competitors vying for the Under 16’s Solo and Teams Championship titles, are upcoming stars such as James Pearson who fans will also see compete in the Australian Under 16 250cc Speedway Championship, plus Flynn Nicol and Patrick Bowes. Riders will battle it out for the title on Thursday 17th January from 7pm.

The official entry list made up of 16 riders was drawn from a total collection of 20 nominated riders from across Australia. With such an impressive collection to draw from, the draw for the 2019 Championship was nothing short of tough as the Speedway Commission were presented with riders who each display excellent riding skills.

The official draw from the Australian Under 16’s 125cc Solo Speedway Championship is as follows:

Following on after the Under 16’s 125cc Solo Speedway Championship, the Under 16’s 125cc Teams Speedway Championship will be held on Friday 18th January 2019 from 7pm.

This Championship in particular will exemplify the Australian spirit, displaying to fans what true sportsmanship and teamwork looks like!

The official draw for the Australian Under 16’s 125cc Teams Speedway Championship is as follows:

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