It’s a huge weekend for International Speedway competitors this weekend with Aussie’s competing in the FIM Speedway Grand Prix World Championship Qualifying Challenge and the young ones competing in the FIM Speedway Youth Gold Trophy. These meetings could have massive ramifications, in particular with Speedway GP spots available for 2019!

Taking place on the 28th of July 2018, is the massive Qualifying Challenge in Landshut, Germany that will feature Australia’s Max Fricke and Jack Holder. Both of the riders have battled through their qualifying round and are set for the challenge. 12 riders will duke it out at this challenge, with the top three finishers getting a slot in the 2019 Speedway GP Championship.

These Speedway competitors will no doubt give everything they have to try and finish in the top three, with so much on the line. Both Max Fricke and Jack Holder are in strong form and they are a significant chance to battle for the coveted spots. Both are clocking up points in their respective league matches.

To make it into Speedway GP for 2018, you either need to finish in the top eight in the previous season, receive one of four wildcard entries from BSI/FIM or qualify through the challenge, in which three will progress.

Also taking place this weekend is the FIM Speedway Youth Gold Trophy on the 28th and 29th of July, which will showcase the future stars of tomorrow. This event will take place at Rybnik, Poland. Flying the green and gold for Australia will be young guns James Pearson and Maurice Brown. Both competitors are highly touted and big things are expected from them in the future. It’s a tough competition, but with the emerging talent of Pearson and Brown, anything is possible.

Keep an eye out on the Australia Speedway Championships Facebook page as we bring you up to date with the results of the FIM Speedway Grand Prix World Championship Qualifying Challenge and FIM Speedway Youth Gold Trophy. MA wishes the best of luck to all the Aussie Speedway riders!

Photos courtesy of Christopher Horne

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