In the lead up to this evening’s opening round of the 2019 Australian Senior Solo Speedway Championship, Motorcycling Australia spoke with Zane Keleher, who after 15 years of Motocross racing switched disciplines to Speedway back in 2015! With a newfound love for no brakes or gears, Keleher is an impressive addition to the Senior Solo line-up. Check out his full Rider Bio below!


Zane Keleher





Bike Colours: 

Orange & Black


Rocky Industrial Controls, Shanahan Swaffield Partners, Penti-M Engineering Australia, and Z22 DEVELOPMENTS


Rockhampton, Queensland

Summary of family history in the sport: 

Zero! I come from 15 years of Motocross racing!

Home track in Australia:

Rockhampton Showgrounds, although I claim every track in Queensland as my home track when I race there!

How many years riding:


Career highlights:

Came 3rd in the Queensland Titles back in 2018

Teams racing for overseas:

Still looking for a team for 2019. It’s set to be an exciting new year for me thanks to the opportunities available through the Australian Senior Solo Speedway Championship!


Ivan Mauger, Jason Crump and Tai Woffinden

What is your current training process?

In preparing for a race I train through mountain biking, rowing, gym and on-bike training

If you weren’t racing, what would you be doing? 

Wondering why I’m not racing 😉

What can’t you live without?


Tell us something we don’t know about you.  

I had to learn to ride a unicycle when I was a kid before dad would let me have my first motorbike!


Mountain biking, travel, health and fitness.


To see more of Keleher in 2019 and beyond, be sure to check him out on Instagram and Twitter via @ZANEKELEHER_Z22 and Facebook via @ZaneKeleherZ22!